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Sustainability at GMP Labeling

The world is ever changing, and GMP Labeling is committed to changing with it. We view environmental degradation as a core challenge facing the world today. Business operations - from raw material extraction, manufacturing, logistics, to product end of life - have a broad and deep impact on our surrounding environment. It is important to note that we view sustainability beyond carbon emissions. Operating a sustainable business means reducing deforestation and ecosystem destruction, eliminating plastic from waste streams, mitigating risk created from destructive weather events, treating employees fairly and equitably, investing in the local community, developing products that help our customers reduce avoidable waste, AND reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainable business operation is a journey and we view sustainability as a continuous and iterative process. While we have room for improvement, we are proud of the actions taken today to ensure that GMP Labeling is part of the solution.

  • Waste:
    • We completely removed plastic bubble wrap from our packaging.
    • We replaced our virgin plastic carton sealing tape with a paper based tape using naturally derived adhesive.
    • We fill our packages with paper (not plastic/styrofoam) that is manufactured from 100% recycled paper.
    • With our waste partner, Recology, we divert our internal waste stream from the landfill.
  • Hazardous Substances:
    • We are fully compliant with REACH and RoHS to ensure that hazardous chemicals are not used within our supply chain.

We'll always have the opportunity to make improvements to our business operations and our environmental impact. Some changes we are working on making in the future include:

  • Source renewable energy for our electricity use.
  • Offset carbon emissions from the shipment of our products.
  • Identify alternative, sustainable, raw materials to use in our products.