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Sterilization Required Labels

Labels Exposed to Sterilization

Sterilization is a critical process in the life sciences and medical industries. We understand the importance of identification and compliance products that can withstand sterilization.

We carry a range of labels that can withstand steam, extreme temperature changes, radiation, etc. The materials we use for these labels maintain integrity even after being exposed to the extreme conditions used in sterilization, helping to ensure compliance and reduce waste.

Our sterilization labels:

  • Retain adhesion to stainless steel, glassware, plastic, and other surfaces

  • Come with a range of removability (easy to remove or permanent)

  • Have a variety of colors for easy identification

  • Withstand high heat and pressure

  • Can be printed with thermal-transfer, laser, inkjet, or handwritten

  • Can be used with alcohol cleaning, gamma or electron beam radiation, and autoclave or converter processing

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