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Barcode Labels

Barecode Labels - GMP Labeling

Barcode Labels for Digital Applications

As the world moves more digital, using labels that let you capture information about a physical product and push that data to software becomes ever more important. GMP Labeling offers many solutions to help digitize your operations.

Since barcodes are unique to each company and product, we offer different solutions to support your operation. First, we offer GMPublish, a series of easy to use Adobe Acrobat files that have been pre-formatted to allow you to enter data easily onto either our blank or preprinted laser labels. This works with all of our Laser Print (LP) label designs. Second, you can create custom labels specific to your needs. We are able to produce labels with your barcode.

By customizing your label, you have the ability to select from a variety of materials for generic use, cryogenic, sterilization, food contact, etc. Let us support your quality operations. Give us a call at 800-637-4487 or email us at [email protected].