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Food Contact Labels

Labels for Food Contact Applications

Labels used in the food industry must meet certain federal standards in order to be applied directly to a food product. Food labels are either manufactured for direct contact or indirect contact with food. Direct contact means the label is adhered directly to the surface of the food. Indirect contact means the label is adhered to a surface that is between the label and the food (cardboard packaging, plastic bottle, etc).

Direct contact labels are produced using specific materials for the label and adhesive that are approved by the FDA. In addition to being food safe, they must also adhere well to food materials and be aesthetically pleasing (if adhered to finished, consumer products).

GMP Labeling has materials and adhesives available that are approved for service involving contact with food per Title 21 CFR 175.105. To learn more about available products or to design your own, give us a call at 800-637-4487 or email us at sales@gmplabeling.com