Certified under ISO 9001 and our practices meet GMP standards.
We ship labels and SOP Templates same day service.
Used daily in more than 5,000 facilities around the world.
Customer Reviews

A good quality control program, whether it's a requirement in a compliance focused industry like Lifescience or used as a best practice in manufacturing operations that need to get it right the first time, depends on a good supply chain that includes reliable and dependable vendors. Since 1987, GMP Labeling has sold high quality labels into a variety of industries by focusing on great customer service and on creating a positive customer experience.

Customer Testimonials

GMP Labeling is a great place to get all the labels your company needs, even custom labels. They are great to work with and fast. I can usually order what I need and have it the next day. I highly recommend them!

Barbara Parham

The quality of the product GMP Labeling provides is the best that I have seen versus other vendors. Additionally, I appreciate that the company is aware of the requirements for medical device labeling and has pointed out errors on our behalf which has been greatly appreciated. It makes a difference working with a company that knows the industry.

Theresa Brown

GMP Labeling is a great source for custom labels complemented with a wide range of Quality Control Labels that are unavailable from other suppliers. GMP provides excellent customer service as our purchase orders are processed and confirmed almost immediately. Most of our orders are shipped the same day which is a great statement of their passion of 100% customer satisfaction.

Cary Bergmann