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The GMP labeling system includes labels, signs and SOP's designed to help you to comply with GMP, QSR and ISO requirements.
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Printer Software

We provide two ways to help you design and print your own GMP, QC or ISO required
lab labels, medical device labels and regulatory labels on your own or our blank or partially pre-printed labels.

Monitor with Custom Label templates
GMPublish is a series of easy to use Adobe Acrobat files that have been pre-formatted to allow you to enter data easily onto either our blank or preprinted laser labels. Each of our stock LP label designs has several associated GMPublish templates that we can provide you with...for free...that will make label use easy. You can also use GMPublish to enter data into your custom made preprinted or blank laser labels.

Each LP product has a series of GMPublish templates available in a variety of font sizes so you are sure to find one that will create legible, useful labels for you.

Call us at (800) 637-4487 or email us at and we will send you...for free...the appropriate GMPublish label template design for your labels. If your work involves label data entry, GMPublish will save you time and effort.

Data entry has never been easier.

Printer with Custom Labels
GMPrint is a software program developed to make it easier for you to design and print labels on our LP, PF and CP series labels. Using either our blank or partially preprinted laser labels, GMPrint helps you complete your label design and enter your desired data. Your finished labels can then be printed on an individual or network printer.

GMPrint contains two program options. The Designer Program helps you layout and edit your label design. A User Program allows data entry into an established design, helping to ensure that label designs will not be altered without appropriate authorization.

Once you choose the applicable label stock from the selection list, you can specify either blank or preprinted labels, create your headers and field identifiers, and then enter your data into GMPrint. You can also apply sequential numbering, batch data and date stamps onto your labels. Tell the program how many labels you want to print and you're done.

GMPrint contains a set of protocols that you can use to test the finished design to satisfy the software validation requirements of your quality control program.

To download a free copy of GMPrint version 6.2.3 CLICK HERE
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