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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about GMP Labeling Quality Control Labels, 
Lab Labels, Custom Labels, Custom Signs, and SOP Templates

I need help designing a custom label. Who can I call?
Call the custom label desk at 800-GMP-LABEL. You'll reach a labeling specialist who will be happy to assist you with your order.

I already have my own design. Can it be transferred to a label?
Certainly. Simply upload your artwork in a PDF format and send it to us. We can also work off of a fax, or simply off of a sketch that you have. Or, simply call us and describe what you need.

How long does it take to design and produce custom labels?
Many custom labels can be completed in as little as 2 days, most are completed in under 5 days.

I have a special shape for my custom label, can that be done?
Yes, we can produce labels in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Call, fax, or email the labeling specialist and we can start the process today.

Do I have to pay for artwork or design fees?
No. Artwork and design services are included in the label prices.

We need specific colors on our labels, can you match them?
Many customers ask for specific color matches. Simply pick a PMS color of your choice. We can match virtually any color you wish.

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom labels?
Yes, we ask that you order at least 1,000 labels when we design a custom label.

Do I need a proof for a custom label? Does a proof slow down the process?
Most often a proof is not necessary. With 25 years of custom label experience, we can often set up your label without a proof. When a proof is required, we can usually complete one and send it to you electronically which only adds 1-2 days to the turnaround of your order.

I need a label that can be cleaned or sterilized, can you do that?
Yes. We can use materials that are liquid resistant, use a self-laminating cover, or use clear mylar to cover the label surface. If sterilization is required we have materials that are compatible with autoclave, gammy ray or ethylene oxide sterilization procedures. Our labeling specialists can help you choose the appropriate application for your needs.

I need labels for a clean room, can you do that?
Yes. We can use manufacturing and packaging techniques that are compatible with clean room use. Class 100 compatible labels are the most frequent request, but we can manufacture labels to Class 10 specs if required.

How do I know what type size and style to use?
We can help you pick the right type size and styles. Simply give us an idea of what you want to emphasize and we can help you pick the details that are best suited to your order.

What if I want a logo on my label?
Upload your artwork in a PDF format and send it to us. We can transfer it onto your label.

I need labels for a harsh environment. What choices do I have?
We have a variety of materials available that are resistant to moisture, heat, cold and other conditions. Call our label specialists and tell us what conditions you have and we can pick the appropriate materials for your custom label.

Can I obtain labels with messaging in languages other than English?
Absolutely. Many of our customers request labels in a variety of languages.

I would like labels with some pre-printed information on them, but still have the ability to fill in specific information. Can I do this?
Yes, We will provide you with a free copy of our labeling software called GMPrint which you can use to print headers, print field identifiers and add dates or other information to your labels.

My company has a Quality System that includes a Supplier Management process. Are you certified under any Quality registration?
GMP Labeling is certified under ISO 9001 (2008). We fully understand that a Quality Systems approach is critical to our customers, who rightfully demand correctly manufactured products delivered on time and to their specifications.

Can I use my company's UPS or Fed Ex shipping account?
Yes. If you provide us with your account details we can have your order shipped on your account with no other shipping or handling charges.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes we do, beginning with your 2nd item: 2-5 = 10%, 6-11 = 15%, 12-24 = 20%, 25+ = 25%.

What are your payment terms?
We accept purchase orders on approved credit net 30 days. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards.

I'm not sure of exactly what I need. Can I obtain samples of your labels?
Of course. Call, fax or email your request for label samples to us and we will be happy to send you free samples of our labels.

Is there anything different about quality control labels, GMP labels, ISO labels, or labels used for other regulatory compliance applications?
Beyond the phrasing typically displayed on the label in a regulatory based application, compliance identification labels are designed to be very durable, high quality products. They have a long useful life, and utilize aggressive adhesives that hold fast. Regulatory labels can withstand moderate cleaning, moisture and temperature variations within a broad service range. We have a variety of special materials that can be used for specific service conditions: High temperatures, low temperatures, sterilization, clean room use, etc. Call us and we will be happy to find the right QC labels or QA labels to suit your individual needs.

Do you manufacture tags?
We do. The majority of our customers order paper tags, but other customers require waterproof or weather resistant materials. In these cases, a variety of plastic materials are available which make these tags very durable.

Do you ship overseas?
All the time. We can use UPS, Fed Ex and DHL for most delivery locations and typically use their customs agents to complete all duties and local fees.

Do you carry tamper evident labels?
We have several labels which use tamper evident materials. These quality control labels tear when removed, clearly indicating that the container or compartment being protected has been accessed.

Do you carry blank labels?
We have several blank labels in stock in different colors, sizes and shapes. Custom blank labels are available in virtually any color, size and shape.

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