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Custom GMP Label Options

We offer a choice of custom GMP label packaging styles: Roll labels, Computer-print/Sheet-feed and Computer-print/Pin-feed. Our computer-print labels are made from non-gloss (matte) stock to enable either printing on them from your computer or writing on them by hand.

Your custom GMP labels can be square, rectangular, circular or oval. Roll labels can be as big as 26 square inches. Sheet-feed labels can be any rectangular size up to 8-1/2" by 11". Clear cover labels are available in all sizes to protect hand writing or imprinting.

CLICK HERE for more information about Custom GMP Label sizes.
GMP Labeling Roll labels
Roll labels are supplied on gloss or non-gloss stock.
1000 labels per roll.
GMP Labeling Pin-feed labels
Pin-feed labels can be supplied in fan-fold sheets with tractor holes for printing on a dot-matrix printer.
1000 labels per pack.
GMP Labeling Pin-feed roll labels
Pin-feed roll labels can be supplied on rolls with tractor holes for printing
1000 labels per roll.
GMP Labeling Sheet-feed labels
Sheet-feed labels are supplied in 8-1/2 x 11 sheets for printing on a laser printer or inkjet printer.
250 sheets per pack.
Custom Label Type Style  


Choose the type of packaging for the label you want - Roll, Computer-print/Sheet-feed or Pin-feed. Sketch your custom GMP label design on a sheet of paper or your company letterhead and email it to us at or fax it to us at 916-771-4005. We will respond promptly with a quotation.

Or, simply call us at 800-637-4487 and we will complete your design over the phone.

Custom Label Order Form, GMP Labeling

Custom Label Order Form, GMP Labeling
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Print the Order Form below and use the sketch area to show us what you want your custom GMP label to look like. Fax your sketch to 916-771-4005 or email it to We will call you to confirm your design and complete the order.

You can speak directly with our custom GMP label specialists at any time.

Call 800-GMP-LABEL and simply tell us what you need.....its that easy. We'll do the rest.
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